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A mortgage company in Australia A mortgage company in Australia
A mortgage company in Australia

NovaStar Finance

Phone: 1300 6682 71
Fax: 1300 138 187
Email: sales@novastarfinance.com.au

Business Working Capital

Business Working Capital

If there is one thing that Nova Star's business Clients regularly say it's;

"we can't find a bank or a finance consultant that understands what it's like to be in business"

Being in business is not something that is simply learnt in a text book, and there's nothing quote like learning lessons the hard way.

At Nova Star, our people collectively have decades of experience in different types of small and medium businesses, from retail to wholesale to service businesses.

Nova Star can assist the business owner with:

Nova Star have helped start up businesses right through to mature businesses financing their expansion and even getting ready for sale.

In fact, you might be surprised at the sort f finance that is available to small businesses and remember, you don't always have to put the family home "on the line".

If you are in business, Nova Star has the finance you need!

Contact Nova Star NOW on:

1300 NOVA 71

(that's 1330 668271)
or email Julie at julie@novastarfinance.com.au.

Nova Star Finance is a premier finance service provider in Australia. The company is headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland. The mortgage company has been providing world-class finance services to its Clients for over 6 years. It offers commercial mortgage finance, industrial property loans, and consolidation finance services. It also offers a variety of home loans from many major banks and finance companies in Australia. Bad credit home loan, home loan interest rates and first homebuyer loans are "No Problem" for the team at Nova Star.