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Relocating a House. Plan Wisely!

When the government REALLY gets serious
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Tips of House Moving and how much would it costs


Home removals are generally very big, expensive, and timely procedure. The costs and expenses should be considered thoroughly to prevent unforeseen expenses and cost blow outs. This isn’t as simple as moving a filling cabinet it’s moving a house, and it may be two storey or more. When undertaking a home removal the first thing you will do is find the right company. Here, experiences REALLY counts! Then you have to talk to your local government and inform them of what you are doing. Make sure you cover all the requirements of all authorities.

This is going to involve driving a house down a road, at a very slow speed, so they may have to divert traffic.

Aside from the expenses and whom you have to contact with, you also have to check to see if the house can be actually transported without interfering with the local infrastructure and power lines. Low hanging power and phone lines can be a severe problem when trying to move a home if you have not planned ahead. After you’ve taken care of all the logistics for moving this thing, and you’ve hired your company it’s time to watch them work. Watch closely this is going to be interesting.

Now, the very first thing a home removals company will do is disconnect all your utilities and any wires going to the house and then determine the size of your home, and where the pressure points are on the house. Once they have gathered all of the information required for the job they will then start with the home removal. It is better to stay out of the way to avoid delays.

Next step would be lifting your home off of its foundations, and several feet into the air. This will be accomplished by disconnecting any restraining bolts or bars holding your home down and using hydraulic lifts to lift the house. This takes some time as they have to properly balance the lifts and make sure everything is level. After the have lifted it high enough they will then move it to the flat bed.

After being lifted and moved to the flat bed the truck will then start it’s slow, careful, and perilous journey to your homes new destination. If your home is modular, or too large for one truck it may be separated into two different pieces (or even more) for easier transport and repositioning. This will be a slow process but it will get to its destination in one piece.

Then the house will be moved into position and mounted on its new foundation.

The outcome of house moving can have a smooth or alternatively and very bad result. So, before moving your own house, better make sure you have decided it thoroughly because its expenses are way too large should be considered. Most of all, seek out qualified and experienced contractors


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