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  • Dec

    Relocating a House. Plan Wisely!

    photo credit: jazzingirly photo credit: ElationAviation Tips of House Moving and how much would it costs   Home removals are generally very big, expensive, and timely procedure. The costs and expenses should be considered thoroughly to prevent unforeseen expenses and cost blow outs. This isn’t as simple as moving a filling cabinet it’s moving a […]

  • Nov

    Can’t make your Payment? Act! Don’t Hide; there is an answer!

    photo credit: TheTruthAbout…   What to do if I am struggling with my Mortgage Repayments?   If you are in the verge of missing your mortgage repayments, then call your lender now and make some arrangements. Most Lenders don’t want to foreclose on your property and will be willing to work with you IF you […]

  • Nov

    Mortgage Broker? … He /She could be your best friend for LIFE!

    photo credit: David 23 Tips for Choosing the best Mortgage Broker   If you plan on buying a new home and or refinancing your current home then it is best to work with a reputable mortgage broker. When choosing a mortgage broker, you should into account their experience and what they can do for you […]

  • Nov

    Want to Own a Home Unit? Strata Title! Body Corporate! Tell me MORE!

    photo credit: yeowatzup photo credit: AndyFitz If my property is a unit, do I have to pay for Body Corporate Fees?   When you buy a property and if it is a unit, there are certain conditions that you may want to take into account.  One example of this kind of property is an apartment […]

  • Oct

    Get your “Dream House” checked so it’s not a Nightmare!

    photo credit: ChicagoGeek Is It Important to Have House Inspections before Buying one? Buying a home is an expensive process and there are many hidden or extra costs that you may not have factored in.  One of these is the building and inspection.  It is the purchaser’s responsibility to make sure the contract states that […]

  • Mar

    BOOSTER for FHOG. Up to $21,000 towards YOUR new Home!

    Hello again.  Well hasn’t it been interesting a few weeks.  I can hardly keep up with whats going on things seem to be changing so much.  In this article I want to speak about the FHOG!!! That’s First Home Owners Grant.  I’ll give you quick guide through how to know if you qualify and when […]

  • Jul

    First Home Owners Guide

    The process of purchasing your first home is certainly a challenging one. It can be broken down in to the following 5 steps. Planning Arranging Selecting Buying Settling 1. PLANNING Most banks and lenders will need to see your savings history for the last 6 months to show that you can make the repayments. Look […]

  • Jun

    Second Mortgage Industry in Australia

    These are tough times if you need a loan but don’t have sufficient or unencumbered property to offer as a collateral to the Bank or other financial institution. Cash is King and if you need more liquidity fast but your first mortgage lender will not advance any more or cannot act quickly, you might be […]

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